Heroes & Villains


Heroes & Villains is the third installment of Fiction Writers Group‘s Writers’ Anarchy anthology series. This installment was themed around, shockingly, stories or heroism and villainy. Not just superheroes (though they are not excluded), but anyone capable of heroism or despicable acts.

Similar to Fauxpocalypse, the Writers’ Anarchy anthologies are a collaborative effort. There is an anonymous panel of group members that read and vote on submitted stories. If your story¬†passes muster, volunteer editors work it over, and then it has publishing support of one of the group admins. A very cool and supportive arrangement.

In my story, “A Spark Extinguished”, Molly finds herself battling for survival after she is kidnapped and imprisoned in a crawl space. An unexpected turn of events gives her hope for escape and survival, but is it too late?

Heroes & Villains is available from Amazon, including Kindle Unlimited, and Barnes & Noble.

Praise for Heroes & Villains:

Fiction Writers aggregates some really great collections and this one is no different. Superheroes is something that hits close to my heart, but this anthology goes deeper than good guys and bad guys running around in tights. It explores both sides of ancient myth and science as well as some great tales of everyday heroes.

– Amazon Review

Amazing collection of shorts by a talented group of authors. Fiction Writers Group’s latest effort is their best to date.

– Amazon Review