Better Than Expected

It turns out that my choice of starter vehicle for my RC car project was even better than I thought. I was able to completely remove the battery casing and circuit board by removing a single screw, which left me with an ideal workspace to put in whatever I need. It also netted me a modular battery pack, which is pretty rare based on my personal scavenging of electronics.

After checking that the existing electronics were passing in full voltage to both of the motors, I removed everything, giving me ample room to put in my own stuff. The frame had a nice lip for inserting a platform for my Arduino to live on.

I measured out a piece of balsa wood and screwed my Arduino down to it. Right now it is just resting on the frame. I am not sure how I want to go about mounting it. My prevailing thoughts are hot glue or boring out some slits and zip tying it on.

The existing power supply was 7.5 volts. The Arduino seems to naturally output a maximum of 5 volts. That would probably suffice, given I am not looking for a speed demon (at least initially), but I’ll have to look into how to increase that voltage output for my own knowledge. I plan to power the Arduino with a 9 volt battery, which should tuck nicely under the platform.

Next up is writing some simple instructions and wiring the motors in to the Arduino. I have decided I need something to call this project. I think I’ll go with Project Origin. Also, sorry for the terrible pictures…I’ll try to work on making those better.


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