A Surprising Twist of Fate

I recently developed some writing goals for the year to fall in line with my new hobby schedule. Nothing intense, given the reduced devotion to writing, but I felt it would help to have some written goals to work toward.

After finishing up my current short story, I plan to focus on a novel project, to completion this time around. I’ve been doing some brainstorming on ideas for the novel. Given my predilection toward settings and not characters, inevitably this starts by imagining a unique setting / problem.  From there I go on to determine what characters would fit into the setting, and what their problems and motivations would be. I realize this is backward from most common advice, but oh well.

As quite a surprise to me, the idea I have settled on rests firmly in the epic fantasy genre. I never would have guessed I’d be writing that kind of novel. Admittedly, I do still have another idea lurking in the wings, which I favor more. Perhaps foolishly, I am waiting on that one in the hopes of getting one or more novels completed and under my belt to develop my novel skills. I really want that story to be as good as possible, as I believe it’s the story I am “meant” to tell.

I am hoping to plan pretty substantially for the novel, so I have started drafting out factions and races. I don’t want to lean on the usual fantasy tropes, and am working hard to develop interesting races that can still be relatable enough. That said, I do still plan to have humans as the central race. From there it’s on to chapter outlining.

I must say, I am excited to be excited about the story. It’s relatively rare for me, with writing normally being much more of a clinical pursuit. Hopefully it will last.


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