Changes With the New Year

With the change of the new year, I’ve contemplated on several facets of my life, trying to determine what is most important, and how I want to go about pursuing those things. I’ll address the second of those items first.

Over the past year, my interests have all suffered from competing with one another. I have bounced around from interest to hobby to pursuit, often with those being departed from suffering greatly. Thinking on this, and my successes in the past with sticking to things, I’ve decided that first off, some things just have to go. That’s unfortunate, but there’s just not enough time in the week for everything.

For what remains, I have scheduled rigidly when those interests will be pursued, and will focus solely on one thing during those times. I have had success with exercise in the past with such rigid scheduling, and I hope that I can translate that success to all of my pursuits.

So, what remains that I want to focus on? Three things: writing, game design (both electronic games and board games), and electronics. The last is my most recent pursuit, and I’ve really been enjoying it. I have picked up a couple of open source micro-controllers and tinkered around, and have a couple of projects in the works.

Writing is something I’ve sorely been neglecting, including this blog and other media. I plan to get back to short story writing for the moment, and hopefully things will pick back up from there, but I am limiting myself to one writing project at a time. That should help keep me from bouncing around and getting discouraged. That said, I only have two days a week scheduled for writing, so I won’t be setting any word count records. It is my hope to fit in some unscheduled time on that front.

As far as this blog and other social media, there will also be changes. In the past, this blog and twitter have been fairly writing focused. That’s going to shift somewhat. In realizing that writing about writing primarily courts other writers, I have decided to share more generally about my life and other interests in an effort to gain a broader audience and interest readers more. With that, expect to see more about game design, electronics, and other miscellany in this space and others. The only platform that will remain exclusive to writing will be my Facebook author page.

Blogging is not currently a scheduled activity, so I can’t promise any kind of regular posting, but I feel like it will be often enough, especially with broader topic ranges.

That’s it for now, on to my scheduled work for the evening. I hope everyone has a productive and happy new year!


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