It Always Comes Down To This

I’ve talked a little about it in the past, but one of the things I really enjoy doing is designing board and card games. A few of my friends share this love, and we’ve come up with some pretty interesting add-on and original content. Recently we’ve been considering putting some things together for potential commercial purposes, either as self-published games, or to pitch to traditional game companies (yes, this dichotomy exists in the game design world as well as the writing world). Unfortunately, our efforts almost always come to a stall with one thing: art.

None of us are artistically talented, and no one among our wider circles of associates is really interested in working on our projects. It’s really supremely frustrating, and has been for quite a while. Since we lack alternatives, and are seriously considering a commercial venture, we decided to bite the bullet a while back and commission a box cover piece for a game we’re working on.

boxart_pirates6Our experience in commissioning this was a positive one, and we got a very affordable rate, but it’s way more than we can sustain for the entire project. Our tentative plan is to finish developing the game and try to crowdsource for the remaining art needs. Obviously that’s not a guaranteed path to success, and it still requires additional art assets before we can move forward with even that. We need a game logo. I’d like a couple of logos/graphics/banners for a website to promote the game. We’ll need a decent video for the crowdfunding campaign. We’re completely inept at all of these things, so they’ll either have to be paid for or an artistic partner brought in.

Much like a writer who rails about promotion saying “I just want to write,” I’m basically just a poor game designer saying “I just want to design games,” not have to worry about art. Ugh.

Anyway, rant over. If anyone knows an artist who might be interested in taking on some game related work, send them my way. I think everything’s at least negotiable, up to and including a potential partnership arrangement in the venture.


7 thoughts on “It Always Comes Down To This

  1. I hope it is ok, but I have reblogged this and shared it on my Facebook account. I know a lot of artsy types who might be able to help you. If anything pops up, I will let you know.

    All the best,


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