Fiction Planner is Underway

I’ve actually been working pretty heavily on the character tracking application that won out as the top idea for my side project, which has been dubbed Fiction Planner. Granted, working heavily with new technologies leaves a little something to be desired. It’s slow progress, but progress nonetheless. I have most of the root framework in place, and just need to design and implement the database for it. From there it will just be busywork and prettying everything up for public display.

For those who might care, I’m writing the application in .net (C#). Traditionally, I am a Java developer, but there have been rumblings for years at my company about a transition to .net. As I was leaving the military, that shop was also transitioning to .net. This seems to be becoming a trend, and having worked with it now I can kind of understand why, if not wholly agree with it.

Given I have no real desire to leave my company anytime soon (I hate change, and the benefits are great), it seems prudent to educate myself on what I may need to work with in the future. That’s the motivation behind the side project. Having something meaningful to work on is the absolute best training when it comes to programming. I learned that quite early in my career when I jumped right into a project and watched other contemporaries struggle and fail with more “conventional” training techniques.

I don’t have any blockbuster functionality elements planned for the application. I don’t know that it needs them to be effective, but if anyone has any great ideas, I’m certainly receptive to them. If all goes well, I hope to expand the scope of the application beyond a character tracker to more tasks that will help writers plan their work. I also have some ideas surrounding content creation that could eventually branch out of this. We’ll see where it all ends up and how long it keeps my attention.

In any event, just wanted to give an update that yes, I am indeed working on this. More later.


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