Winners and Plans

Alright, time’s up for the writerly app idea book giveaway. After due consideration and consultation of the fates, our winners are: Alexandrina and Kate (themagicviolinist).

I am going to try tackling the character tracking application, as recommended first by Alex. I think it will help me, and hopefully I get it put up publicly so others can enjoy it also. It also dovetails into the larger writing platform that I would eventually like to tackle. I will start drafting some ideas for it and laying the groundwork tomorrow, but it will take some time to finish.

It would be nice if you all could pester me regularly to keep me honest. Also, if anyone has any unique ideas for what a character tracking application should encompass, now’s the best time to wishlist those. I will make sure to update my progress with the app as time goes on.

Kate was the lucky random winner this time. Congratulations to both of you, and I’ll be in touch privately. Given Kate and Alex are both Fauxpocalypse contributing authors, I’m guessing I know which book they want.


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