I’ve Got It!

My all-in efforts to brainstorm a story idea for the Building Red anthology have, I believe, been met with success. I am excited about the story, which is what I really wanted. Hopefully that means the actual writing and reception will go well. I was also interested to learn that the editor, Janet Cannon, is a fellow Spirits of St. Louis¬†contributing author. That’s why I love working in local markets.

Once I knock out this short story, I really am going to knuckle down on my novel project, which I’m also more passionate about than any other in the past. I think I am invested enough to carry it through to completion, and I think it will make a great story. For future reference, it has been dubbed Project Omen.

In other news, I’ve gotten some interesting ideas for my writing app idea contest. I’m going to give this only a couple of more days before picking winners, so make your suggestions soon if you’re waiting in the wings. Free print books to be had, just for sharing your wishlist writing app! Check out the comments so far if you need some inspiration.


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