Designing Writers’ Anarchy III: Heroes & Villains

Great insight into the hard work that went into the making of Heroes & Villains, which frankly seems genius given the disparity of story ideas in the book. Also, teasers from within the pages. Stop over and take a look at this beauty.

Memoirs of a Time Here-After

I was going to go running today. I was going to clean, and wash my dog, and maybe even get a couple more things off my to-do list. But all of those plans were laid to waste when I came home and a happy package was waiting in my mailbox.

The proof of Writers’ Anarchy III arrived today!

Writers' Anarchy III: Heroes & Villains

For the last few months I have been pouring my heart and soul into this book, from organizing the acquisitions system over at Fiction Writers Group, to doing final content and copy editing on each story included in the anthology (after some of my reader panel judges gave them an initial run-through.) I even learned how to set up a pre-order on Amazon, just to give it that fully “traditional” feel.

However, by and large, it was designing this book that gave me the most pleasure, and I am thrilled to…

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