Work, Releases, and other Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve really posted here, and that’s because I’ve been busy! First and foremost, I have been putting in extra hours at work on a time-sensitive project. With so little free time for writing as it is, this makes fitting it all in even more challenging. On top of that, I’ve finally gotten off my butt and started a daily workout regimen, which further complicates matters.

facebook_923694037Still, all is not lost. I recently submitted final revisions for my latest story to be accepted, for an anthology called Heroes and Villains, produced by Fiction Writer’s Group on Facebook. I’ve also had two stories see publication recently in Fauxpocalypse, and Garden of Eden. You can find all available purchasing information for these on my sidebar or published works page.

fauxpocalypseFauxpocalypse was a long time in coming, and I’m very excited that it’s finally available. We had a release party and book signing event at All on the Same Page Bookstore (which, very sadly, is indeed closing) for the four local contributing authors in the anthology, and it was a lot of fun.

facebook_1149748314Garden of Eden was such a quirky idea that I had to throw something at it, and was quite please to see it accepted. I am excited to see what Garden Gnome Publications has to offer in the future. So far, I’ve seen some very interesting ideas being slung around. It’s exciting to see a small publisher really trying to work outside the bounds of every day genre fare.

I am not currently working on any short stories, and actually think I plan to put short story work on hold for a while. I have gotten back into my co-authored novel, Project Cataclysm, and I believe it would be good for me and my co-author to get draft one of that finished, so that’s going to be my priority for the next couple of months. By then I’ll probably be noveled out and ready to delve into a couple of short story submissions to keep my goals for the year in good standing.

On top of all that, I hope to squirrel away time here and there to move forward on Project Schism. It’s still on the back burner, but something I believe has merit and am very interested in. I resist daily putting a webpage together for it, as I don’t want to sully people’s perception of the idea with an incomplete and haphazardly assembled public presentation.

If you want to get more real-time updates with what I’ve got going on than I offer here, I encourage you to follow me @SchevusOsborne on Twitter.


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