There’s Nothing I Hate More…

There’s nothing I hate more than bookstores closing. It was a pretty dark time for me when my favorite chain store, Borders, closed up shop several years back. Lately there’s been a wave of local indie bookstore closings and relocations. Now, my favorite indie store, All on the Same Page Bookstore, is having trouble and staring down closure unless they see a substantial cash infusion. Enough is enough!

Before, I would have just bemoaned this fact and done as much business there as reasonable. Thankfully, the proprietors of AOTSP are fighting to stay afloat, and have recently announced a pretty cool membership program, with tiered levels getting you various rewards. These rates may seem steep at first, but when you break down the per item costs, they can actually be quite affordable. Plus, members are helping in a big way to keep the bookstore open for everyone to enjoy in the future.

Being a fledgling author, I now have a product that bookstore patrons might actually be interested in. As such, I’m going to sweeten the pot for anyone* who signs up for a membership at AOTSP.

Individuals who sign up for a Bronze or Silver level membership will be eligible to receive a free signed copy of one of my current anthologies**. Anyone who signs up for a higher membership level will be eligible to receive two free signed anthologies. In the cases where it’s possible, I will also do my best to see that other local contributing authors sign these as well. In order to claim this reward, please email me at schevus @ prior to or immediately after your membership purchase so I can confirm the purchase with the store.

I earnestly hope that this new program does the trick. I’m tired of losing bookstores, especially one that is so good to local and indie authors. If you can’t afford a membership, or are not local to the St. Louis area, please consider buying a great indie or local book from their website. I can make some recommendations if you’re struggling to choose one. Your money couldn’t be going to a much better business.

* While supplies last. I will be contributing 10 anthologies as rewards under this offer. 10 copies are still available.

** Current anthologies available for selection include: Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories, Fauxpocalypse, and 100 Worlds: Lightning Quick SF & Fantasy Tales. Additional options may be available at your time of purchase. I will let you know if that is the case. If you desire, you may also elect to receive digital copies of these instead.


6 thoughts on “There’s Nothing I Hate More…

  1. All I can say aboout indie book stores, is that they don’t really support independent authors do they? Bookstores going the way of the dinosaur really do only have themselves to blame for that. Raymond at Writing in a Dead World wrote a great article on the subject of What’s wrong with indie bookstores. You should read it.

    • I read your suggested article, and I couldn’t disagree more with regards to the store in question. It seems like a poor practice to brand an entire industry based on speculative stereotypes.

      • Fair enough. From my own experience though, many (if not all) of the physical independent book stores I have been too, are just smaller, independent models of larger chains. I have never come across one, that is even close to putting the support of independent authors at the top of their agenda. So from my owm perspective, it bugs me that they wave the flag of independence so readily, when there isn’t much backing by them for indie authors.

      • Not to say the store yr vouching for is the same, it must be different as you are supporting it with passion. I love all bookstores as they support literarue, but this is my only fault with many indie bookstores.

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