My Crazy Idea Has Become Project Schism

Well, it’s happened. That crazy idea I had about a shared universe project has garnered enough interest (including my own) to gain legitimacy with a code name – Project Schism.

So, what do we know about Project Schism so far? Not much is set in stone, as collaborators and I work out all of the nitty gritty, but some things are shaping up that should help clarify any potential interest in helping create or writing in the domain.

  • The technological level for one of the main human factions is expected to be oilpunk themed (I’m vetoing oilpunk spaceships though, more on that later)
  • The universe will have magic (in fact, this is something of a central element so far)
  • Events in universe can and will take place in multiple star systems
  • Earth will be a near-total or total apocalyptic wasteland at the “current” point in the timeline at inception

I’m not willing to commit much more than that to the public domain yet. Some of that could even change, but it seems unlikely at this point. It’s churned into quite the science fantasy apocalyptic menagerie, and I’m loving the ideas so far.

However, for those of you who may be less interested in such an amalgam of themes, the universe will be broad enough in scope that you should be able to find a niche to write what you want. I don’t have plans to limit themes, so if you wanted to write a romance story that only tangentially references the Earth collapsing (probably literally) around two people, that’s totally fine. As long as nothing works against the continuity of the universe and the piece is well-written, it will be welcomed into the fold (in some capacity – publishing is still an open-ended question at this point).

I just wanted to share some of what has been discussed so far, and update that work does indeed continue on this. Watch this space for more info.


5 thoughts on “My Crazy Idea Has Become Project Schism

  1. I love it! I’m actually quite accustomed to oilpunk and science fantasy, since that’s probably the best description of the world in which my main novel is set.

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