Vacation and Other Updates

I have something of a dilemma with my writing. I need near absolute quiet to collect my thoughts effectively and be able to write with anything approaching worthwhile output. Needless to say, being on vacation and staying at a house that’s packed with people and always busy is not helpful for this problem.

I don’t know if this is something I should just push through, the quality of the output be damned, and eventually get used to. Maybe I’m just doomed to this constraint on my writing. I have been seriously considering a set of noise cancelling headphones. I think that might help a lot, as funny as it may seem to people watching me.

I haven’t gotten as much writing done yet as I would like, but I have managed to sleep and read in abundance, so it’s not all a wash.

Despite my productivity being limited, I have two release updates. As you may have seen, I have been promoting a lot of other people’s stuff for Fauxpocalypse. The ebook is now live and available on Amazon and Smashwords, just in time for Christmas (wink, wink). The print edition should be released next month, and we’ll have a much more concerted promotional push when that happens, so stay tuned for more information and possible freebies.

As well as Fauxpocalypse, I’ve also had a story, “Agent of Good,” accepted for the Garden of Eden book of Garden Gnome Publishing’s Biblical Legends Anthology Series. The anthology is tentatively slated for release on January 23rd, and will be available in ebook only. I’ll be sure to update with available outlets when the anthology becomes available.

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season.


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