Writing Goals for 2014

Now that I’ve analyzed how this year went for my writing, it’s time to look forward and determine what I want to accomplish next year. I have great hopes of continuing to move onward and upward.

Here’s my list of goals:

  • Finish my co-authored novel project
  • Finish Project: ANNIHILATION
  • Submit at least 12 short story / flash fiction pieces for publication (sub-goal of at least 6 acceptances)
  • Make at least $300 from my writing
  • Write at least 500 words a day
  • Improve my writing!
  • Find a way to keep my wife from murdering me for spending so much time writing

The first two are the dominant goals for the year. Depending when they are finished and revised to satisfaction, I will probably make efforts to submit those for publication as well. I’m ok if that doesn’t happen next year though, so it’s not on the list.

One submission a month seems like a reasonable goal. I plan to try submitting to what I consider more challenging (and better paying) markets next year, which will hopefully dovetail into the financial goal. $300 is a pretty low goal, honestly. I could have made that much this year with relative ease if I had focused more on copywriting instead of fiction. Obviously, I’d like to make as much of it as possible from writing fiction. Given I eventually hope to make writing my career, I think it’s going to be important to always have a financial goal to strive for and improve upon.

The last goal is only half-way joking. I’ve had enough success with my writing that the wife can’t just disdain the time spent on it openly, but there are scowls and glances when I sit down to write instead of folding laundry or picking up. I dedicate almost all of my pre-evening time to family and the house, so I don’t usually feel bad. Hopefully she comes around.

All things considered, I am very hopeful for what 2014 brings as far as writing goes. I hope everyone else out there has a productive and successful year as well.


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