My Writing Year End Review

I realize I’m soon going to get too busy with traveling for the holidays to really spend time reflecting, so I thought I would tackle this early.

This year I made a commitment to take writing seriously. I want it to be a major, and ever-increasing, component of my life. Since investing myself in this venture, I have had what I feel is remarkable success. This year, I have submitted eleven short stories / flash fiction pieces and one poem for publication. Five of them have been accepted, and I have three outstanding. I will submit at least one more piece before the end of the year that has a very good chance of being accepted.

Despite not “winning” NaNo, I have a solid foundation for my first novel started. I know how I want the story to go, I just need to write it. I have no illusions about getting it published, but that’s ok, because I have an idea lined up for the next one, and this one will be great practice.

I have also made some great connections in the writing community this year, especially locally. I have joined an awesome writer’s group at a local bookstore, and have joined a couple of writing groups online. All of these have offered up their own opportunities and resources that have been a big help moving forward as a writer.

This year, I have reached far into areas of writing that were previously uncomfortable or unexplored. Trying new things has been quite refreshing and rewarding. I like to think that within a number of years, I could cobble together a hodgepodge of writing activities that could let me write for a living. We’ll have to see how that goes.

On the topic of financials (I’m not as shy about this as others, I guess), to date I have made $54.40 from my writing. Obviously that’s not going to pay the bills yet, but given I started this year only dreaming of writing period, let alone getting paid anything for it, it’s a decent start.

In summary, this year I went from being an aspiring writer to being a writer. I know next year will be even better.


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