Ghostly Winners

Congratulations to Debbie Manber Kupfer and Alexandrina Brant, the two winners of my book giveaway. They both contributed stories, which no doubt helped them come away with the prizes! Many thanks to everyone who helped spread the word for this giveaway, and everyone who participated. Keep an eye out for future giveaways. I can all but guarantee I’ll have something to offer when Fauxpocalypse is released.

Here are the three stories submitted for the contest:

By Alexandrina Brant

The wind pulled at her hair, whispering – November the first, November the first. In the distance, a clock chime welcomed in night, and cast out any loose moonlight across the sky.

A lake, a forest, a land…they all stood behind her goal. She kicked and rubbed her bare arms against each other. She needed them bare.

She didn’t have to ask ‘why November?’. Season of the dead. A feeling on her shoulder confirmed that she’d past the lake boundary towards her brother’s grave; and his hand was the warmest touch.

She caressed the empty air. And her heart stopped beating.

By Philip Thorogood

‘Spare some change, lad?’

The hermit was disgusting; smelt terrible.

‘Sorry – got nothing’.

Kill him…

‘Come on – I heard it in your pocket.’

His breath was rancid, like off milk.

‘I’ve really got nothing.’

He knows…

‘Just a few pennies, please!’

The hermit’s steps followed him.

‘Just leave me alone!’

He’s not going to…

‘Why d’you have to be so uncaring!?’

A hand grabbed his arm, and he whirled-

-he was stood in front of a steaming pile of flesh.


His hands were soaked in red.

Told you…

He bolted through the trees, chased by his ghost’s demonic chuckle.

By Debbie Manber Kupfer

I have never been much good at paperwork, so when the dude with the big scythe came by with that huge form to fill out I just sloughed him off. Colossal mistake that was. I figured I had all of eternity, right? What was the rush? How was I to know that if you missed the bus to eternal bliss you had to wait for like, a century. So now I am stuck here in Boringtown, Missouri, where nothing much happened even when I was alive, so how in the world is that going to improve now I am dead?


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