There’s This Thing I’ve Been Dabbling In…

I have recently been toeing the waters of paid freelance copywriting. Admittedly, the program I’m writing for right now is just a content mill, but the pay seems quite reasonable for the time invested (a little less than half of my pay as a software developer if I did it full time). Pretty much, I get a set of SEO keywords, and have to come up with a semi-interesting article based around them. Up till now it’s been an interesting diversion when I am not brain braining well enough to focus on a fictional storyline, but still want to be writing.

It can be a fun challenge to work something as inane as “bus rates” or “iowa dirt track racing” into a meaningful article. It provides enough of a diversion sometimes that I can finish one up in short order, and be ready to roll back into more meaningful fiction writing, having made a few bucks in the process. I think I could enjoy and be good at more legitimate copywriting. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for opportunities in the future.

In other news, I have sent out a couple of new short story submissions and work continues on Project ANNIHILATION. David Higgins has taken over the publishing role from Misha Burnett for Fauxpocalypse. He is working on wrapping that project up as we speak, after having overcome international tax treaty shenanigans.

As I mentioned before, I’m also writing a weekly writing market news series over at The Bolthole.


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