Halloween Goodies

With Halloween fast approaching, I wanted to share some great Halloween themed book releases.

First up is The Black Wind’s Whispers. This horror anthology is the inaugural book published by a great group of people from a writers forum I am a part of, The Bolthole. The ebook was released last December, but after much…urging on my part, the print edition has just become available, with an updated cover from artist Manuel Mesones.

As a bonus, The Bolthole has also recently released their second anthology, Marching Time, which is a collection of time travel war stories. I can’t wait to read through this one myself, but I am anxiously awaiting the print release, which should be soon. Established author, C. L. Werner, also has pieces in both of these collections, for any fans of his.

Next up is the most recent release from Rocking Horse Publishing, Dickinstein by Shannon Yarbrough. In this book, we find Emily Dickinson – yes, that Emily Dickinson – dabbling with the macabre science of resurrecting the dead. The concept is just so outrageous that I can’t help but be interested.

Last, but certainly not least, is Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories, featuring a story from yours truly. What could be better for Halloween than dozens of ghost stories? The anthology is still available for pre-order through the publisher, but I expect a general release soon. Watch my twitter for an update on that.

Do you have any other good Halloween themed recommendations?


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