Plotting and World Building

I’ve been putting in quite a bit of time laying the groundwork for Project ANNIHILATION recently. I am finding the world building aspect to be both very challenging and rewarding. It’s difficult to come up with truly novel ideas for the setting I’m working with, but I think I’m building in enough twists and subtleties that it should seem fresh. I still have to determine how I want to handle many of the technological difficulties that science fiction brings to the fore. This is another area where it seems hard to be original, without being exceptionally outlandish.

I have what I feel to be a very solid synopsis worked out. I have some of the major organizational players outlined (hopefully they are up to snuff). I still need to develop my main characters some and then some rough chapter outlines before I’m willing to start committing words to pages.

My goal length is 100K words, but with nothing written so far, that’s obviously a ballpark. We’ll have to see how that turns out as I get into the trenches. I’ve been considering holding off to start to motivate myself with NaNoWriMo, but, ultimately, I can’t think of a compelling enough reason to wait. I guess I can jump into the NaNoWriMo groove mid-stream and see how much I can pump out in November.

Anyway, hopefully my next Project ANNIHILATION update includes a word count. I hope to have something to take to a writer’s group early next month.


4 thoughts on “Plotting and World Building

  1. Nice piece, but you need to punch up your last sentence. Try, “I will have a completed first chapter to share at next month’s writer’s seminar.” See, doesn’t that read better?

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