Extract from Fauxpocalypse

Get a sneak peak of a fellow author’s Fauxpocalypse story.


Editing on Fauxpocalypse is proceeding apace, and I expect to have the final comments on my second story soon. The provisional release date remains 19th October 2013, so you will have to wait a few weeks more to read it. However, to whet your appetites, here is an extract of my first story, Thieves in the Night.

Fauxpocalypse is a shared world compilation, set in a universe where a massive comet was predicted to strike the Earth, annihilating all life. Mere hours before impact the comet began to break up, leaving humanity to cope with the unexpected tomorrow.

But not everyone had accepted the world was going to end.

Gibbons Farm, Yorkshire, England

Jason cracked his eyes and rolled over. Morning had broken and the world had not. Reverend Forbes had been right. He wondered if anyone would admit to being surprised. Either way, the world had not…

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