A Glimpse Into the Madness

I figured I would jump on the wagon and share an excerpt of my own story, No Good Deed, from Fauxpocalypse. I am about halfway through final revisions, and I’m very excited to see the project come to fruition. Hope you enjoy!

His curiosity finally got the better of him, and Robert slipped off the bed and crept upstairs in the pitch dark. He couldn’t have turned the light on even if he’d wanted to. Power had been sporadic at best a month prior, and now didn’t exist at all. Out of the basement and through the kitchen, he hurried to the back door. Plywood boards were haphazardly nailed into the frame, but he had left a small slit through which he could see, and shoot, if necessary.

The night sky outside was serene. A wisp of high clouds glowed in the moonlight on the horizon, but other than that, the stars shimmered pleasantly. Robert still hadn’t gotten used to there being so many stars. Normally, only a few were bright enough to punch through the region’s light pollution, but that wasn’t a problem now.

If Robert had not known better, it could have been any other summer night.

A tremendous boom shattered the fragile silence, and the ground shook fiercely beneath his feet. Dishes rattled in the cabinets. Terror gripped Robert’s heart.


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