Robbers Delight

The final installment of RobberyCollab.

A Simple Wordsmith

This is the last piece of the story I suppose. I say the last piece, but they really don’t run in any sort of order. You can find the following pieces, from the other bloggers I have been working with. Here Street of Dreams and here Schevus Osborne.

If your new to this whole thing, let me fill you in. Three different bloggers choice the same setting for a story. And we each wrote our own point of view. Its almost like a police statement, and each character saw or maybe heard something different.

So without further ado, here is my take on the whole robbery. Hope you enjoy.

They burst through the ancient solid wooden doors with a mixture of determination and brute force. The double doors slammed loudly against the ornate stone carving, and figments of wood went everywhere. The sound echoed along the walls, breaking the…

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