Collaboration Project

A while ago (too long, really) I embarked on a collaborative writing project. It seems that effort has finally come to a point where we can post our results. Joining me in this endeavor are the wonderful writers from Street of Dreams and A Simple Wordsmith.

The idea was simple. Let’s take an event, and write around it from various perspectives. After a short discussion, we settled on a bank robbery, to take place in the very real Lloyd’s Bank across from the Royal Courts of Justice in London. A bank robbery was probably one of the more challenging scenarios we could have tried, honestly, since it required that our characters have a degree of interaction that many other scenarios wouldn’t have demanded.

As such, the reconciliation of events was a bit of a challenge, but not terrible. I think we’ve got some interesting perspective pieces as a result. I’ll be tagging my piece with the tag “RobberyCollab,” and I’ll encourage the others to do so as well, so you can get a quick big picture if you want that way. We also plan to reblog each other’s stories. Hope you enjoy!


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