I’m through draft two of my Missouri Ghost Stories anthology submission, and I’m largely waiting to hear back from some beta readers before polishing and submitting that. This was my first major submission so far where there were major revisions between drafts. I think it’s made the story stronger, but I honestly really liked the first version as well, so I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about it.

Given that project is wrapping up, I will be moving on to my next submissions. Both will be set in an apocalyptic environment. The first is for Misha Burnett’s Fauxpocalypse Project. Granted, that’s not technically apocalyptic, the backlash from a near-apocalypse is likely to be close enough. The other will be a submission for Fox Spirit’s Girl at the End of the World anthology.

Frankly, at this moment, I have only a vague idea for the story I want to do for Fauxpocalypse, and no idea what I want to do for Girl at the End of the World. As is often the case, I’m sure something will come to me once I start writing.

Once those are finished, I don’t have any locked-in projects on the horizon. I’ve been thinking about submitting something to Daily Science Fiction. I also have a story idea that might work for one of Misha’s new projects, As the Miller Told His Tale. I had it pegged initially as a science fiction story idea, but I think it could work well in an urban fantasy setting. I’ve also been getting heat from some writer associates to submit something to the Piercing the Veil Fox Pocket for Fox Spirit.

In summary, I’m still busy and plan to be .. forever. No word back on any outstanding submissions, but I haven’t really expected to hear anything, so I’m not surprised or worried yet. I’ll be sure to post up any rejected content here, as everything outstanding has been fairly specialized for a specific open call and won’t fare well submitting elsewhere I feel.


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