Another One Down

Today I submitted my Krampus anthology story. I remain confident that it’s the best story I’ve written to date, so I’m quite hopeful that it’s got the best shot of getting accepted. I currently have four submissions outstanding now, with varying degrees of importance. I won’t hear back on one for months yet, guaranteed, so I’m trying to just forget about that one.

It’s a great feeling to have a project completed and its fate removed from my hands. It’s liberating to be able to stop fretting about it for now. Of course, that liberation ends immediately as I pick up on my next project. I will be writing a submission for Rocking Horse Publishing’s Missouri Ghost Stories anthology.

This publisher is local to me, so there’s a heightened degree of arbitrary stress on me to submit a great piece. Rejection from this would somehow feel more stinging than any other publisher, I just know it. Thankfully, I had some great inspiration last night that turned what was feeling like a struggling story into a viable one. I can’t express how relieved I am, and needless to say, those ideas went straight into my writer’s notebook at my bedside with a chuckle from my wife. I don’t think she’s quite caught on to the idea yet that I really am planning to make writing work, and that it’s not just a leisurely hobby anymore.

So, that’s what I’ll be working on for the foreseeable future. I don’t see that story running as long as my Krampus submission, so hopefully I can knock it out quickly. If I can finish quickly enough, I hope to then move on to a submission for Misha Burnett’s Fauxpocalypse Project. The setting for that is just too excellent to pass up on, even though other potentially paying open calls and their deadlines sneer at me from the shadows like jilted lovers.

Either way, another one down, and now it’s time to get my spook on.


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