Another Achievement

I have just finished draft one for my Krampus Anthology submission. Coming in at nearly 3500 words, this is the longest submission I’ve managed to complete to date (granted, I’m sure some will be cut in revision). Only my novel project has more words. I’ve managed to pound out almost 3000 of those words this week. I think I’m finally settling in to a routine that sees writing as a viable part of my schedule. If I can keep this pace with any regularity, I should be able to knock out submissions at an acceptable rate, and write enough to hone my craft to something approaching acceptable as well.

All of this adds up to what I consider a notable achievement. I just hope I start seeing the fruits of my labor pay off with some accepted submissions, but I know that may take more time than I’d like.

As far as the Krampus Anthology goes, I think anyone should really check it out, either to submit for or to read. Krampus is such an interesting character, and the anthology editor, Kate Wolford from Enchanted Conversation, seems to have a firm and entertaining handle on the stories she wants to present in the anthology. I know I’ll be picking it up whether I make the cut or not.


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